Being a Zebedee Model #zebedeefamily #everyoneisbeautiful

Zebedee is an incredible family I am so proud to be part of. So what exactly is Zebedee? Firstly take a look at their amazing website and blog which explains all the brilliant projects we have all been up to, making differences throughout the fashion, media and tv industry one day at a time

So, Zebedee is a wonderful modelling agency that takes on models with a range of disabilities from learning disabilities to physical disabilities to invisible illnesses and more.

I got involved in February 2018 and am still continuing to model with them in May 2019.

To say I’m officially a Zebedee Model is something I am so proud to say. They are all so amazing at Zebedee from Zoe and Laura who set the whole agency up, to all the models, families and industry experts we meet along the way. It’s all about promoting diversity, inclusivity and giving equal opportunities to everyone no matter your disability. I still struggle to see myself as beautiful as all I see is the imperfections but at the same time. What is normal? What is perfect? All my imperfections, scars, steroids I need and very strong drugs pumped into me over the last five years have left physical differences to my skin, body and scars but it also shows how I’ve survived? How I’ve nearly died but through medical science, incredible NHS staff and sheer determination I’ve held on. It shows I’m here, alive and still fighting. My body shows a story and an incredible one at that. Yes I’ve not got a ‘perfect’ body or face but again what is perfect? I’m me, scars and all and I’m proud to have got this far so if through Zebedee and doing this I can help, show and inspire younger generations (and anyone for that matter) that you are beautiful no matter anyone one else says then this post has been worth it, being part of Zebedee is worth it and just being me, just being you is worth it. You are worthy no matter what anyone else says, never forget that.


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