#therealcatwalk June 2018

A real display of self love, self confidence and self worth was shining all around Trafalgar Square on the 14th July 2018.

Why was this?

Well because on the 14th July 2018 over a hundred women and men came together to celebrate body positivity by taking part in the UK’s and London’s first ever #therealcatwalk event. Hosted by the incredible Khrystyana Kazakova. I took part in this because I am a Zebedee Model. More about that in one of my other blogs, look here to take a read.. http://ruthsbucketlist.co.uk/2019/05/27/being-a-zebedee-model-zebedeefamily-everyoneisbeautiful/

Zebedee is an incredible modelling agency that takes on models with a range of disabilities from learning disabilities to physical disabilities to invisible disabilities and illnesses.

But it wasn’t just about models, it was more than that, anyone could choose to take part. It was about celebrating difference, celebrating YOU! As you are beautiful just as you are, whether you are White, Black, Asian, Muslim or Straight, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender or a six 6 to a size 12 to a size 20. Whether you have tattoos, piercings, stretch marks, scars, burns, tubes or lines coming from or on your body, whether you are tall or short, slim or big, have hair, no hair or somewhere in between. You are all beautiful! Because what is normal? Seriously what is normal?

This catwalk and the reason it’s called THE REAL CATWALK is because we were showcasing what is real! Not filtered, slimmed down, perfected and changed in a photo shoot, or on the cover of a magazine or all over social media. We were showing the world what beauty really is, beauty is all of us. All the ones who walked down the catwalk that day showing off our beautiful, sexy, gorgeous and handsome bodies, women and men of all shapes and sizes proud to be who they are, proud to be beautiful, proud to be ME. 

Here are two amazing videos that were put together from the incredible day we all had at the event, do take a watch! I can guarantee you it will put a smile on your face and hopefully at the same time remind you that you are beautiful just as you are, we are all different and there is no normal.

Normal is 100% overrated.

Be proud of who you are, inside and out.




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