Centerparcs October 2019 Family weekend break


Growing up we used to have a regular family break away to Centerparcs with our family friends and then things changed with our families and with me in and out of hospital it stopped. Then we managed to make a break for it in 2014 with all of us and me escaping with weekend leave out of hospital but it was hard still as I was very early on in terms of my illness, wheelchair use and adapting to everything. Then my health deteriorated even more and it was off the question for a number of years. But now five years later we finally made it back! Hooray! With a lot of planning, preparation and even a little overnight stay in hospital whilst we were there (wouldn’t be without the drama of course?! #gottolaughorcry) but you can’t say we didn’t make the most of every moment as we most certainly did and this video will defiantly shows that and more!

So no more of me rambling.. the video says it all, and happiness truly is within the smallest of things.




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