Cornwall June 2019 Family Holiday – and Ruth’s escape from hospital!

Yes this may be a little late for posting as it’s now the end of October and it is currently pouring it down like anything outside whilst I stay toasty warm inside my comfy and snuggly blanket/hot water bottle known as Willow. But whilst updating my blogs and what the highlights and lowlights from the past few months how could I not share my wonderful memories from Cornwall within that? Cornwall was one of my biggest highlights from the last few months, the one thing that I kept focusing on before I went and the one thing I had fondly to look back on once back and by back I mean back in my room, back in my ward, yes back in hospital. When we left to go to Cornwall I had been in just over three years and then once I was back from Cornwall I carried on staying there for another two and a bit months. I was so, so grateful for my amazing team who knew just how much it meant to me to get to this holiday and literally did everything they could do get me there, which included shouting at management, ringing round multiple hospitals and eventually managing to find the specific part of my tube, at that time (that I’d been waiting weeks for) to be couriered and taxied across from Oxford especially for me and then fitting me for my procedure in the next 24 hours only three days before we had to leave! We left hospital Monday morning and drove straight to Cornwall that night. I then had seven days of freedom and I enjoyed every single second!

So I’ve made this video to show you some of the highlights and for myself as well! I got this video camera when I was in hospital this year as a treat, something to cheer me up and something I’d also been asking about for a long time as well as having money stored back from Christmas. It was a brilliant purchase though as I’ve used it non stop and I just love it! I love capturing the memories on film, being able to look back, smile, laugh, cry and see it all in front of me and relive it in my head. Then when I’m struggling go back to those good/happy places like Cornwall, with the wind in my hair, sand in my face, water on my feet, hearing the waves, water and happiness all around and not forgetting Willow running wild with excitement of course. Being able to see it on a screen is just incredible and making little videos is fab too, I do it for me always first and foremost because I enjoy it and then if people watch it and enjoy it too that is wonderful bonus and thank you if you do, it means a lot!

Hope you enjoy this one!




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