Zebedee Mental Health Campaign -2+


The above link takes you to the wonderful blog written by Zebedee and all of our stories written by us with the amazing finished photos included, take a read it really is worth it!

Taken from Zebedee’s Blog (the above link) but all written in my own words:


“I’m Ruth, I’m 25 years old and I live in Buckinghamshire with my family and my assistance dog, Willow.
I’ve always struggled with my mental health but after my physical health deteriorated and I spent months in hospital it had a huge impact on my mental health. I felt like I lost my purpose, who was I now besides just sick, the girl in the chair, the girl with a tube. Over years it’s been an up and down struggle and I’ve gone to some really low and dark places at time.
Depression sucks away all the happiness from you and it’s like you’re constantly walking around with a black rainy cloud over you no one else has and no one else can see so you smile and carry on but underneath the rain is pouring down and you’re just trying not to drown.

Mental health is a 24/7 battle and I’m not ashamed to say I take medication to help me but my biggest medication is my dog Willow, not only is she my assistance dog so helps me by doing daily tasks and alerts to me getting unwell she also gives me unconditional love, joy and happiness. With cuddles, playing, training and walking, she gets me out the house and reminds me to find joy in the little things. Being outside in the sunshine is also great for me mentally, walking Willow and doing amateur photography whilst out reminds me to live in the moment, capturing it on film, as well as putting my music on and escaping into my own world.
I also have my motto and saying which is “just keep swimming” and this gets me through every day. Just keep on going, keep on swimming, it doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you keep moving forward.” 


I was so proud to be part this campaign.

All of Zebedee’s projects are amazing but mental health is a something I’m really passionate about and it needs to be addressed, it needs awareness, it needs to be talked about, not yesterday or tomorrow but right here right now and raising all the awareness we can at the moment is of the upmost importance, if all it does is reach just one person that we’ve conquered our aim and made that difference, all it takes is one person to take a breathe, be brave and talk and then the ball starts rolling #GetBritainTalking (loving the adverts at the moment too, I’ll try add a link below if I can too!)

But this day out with Zebedee was just fabulous, on so many levels but rather than me ramble away let me show you by a video I made about the day, enjoy!




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