Christmas, The Simple Things

Christmas 2019 has been really wonderful and I wanted to share some of the happy moments of it!

From the days in the lead up to it when I came to my parents and on the 23rd when my brother, Martin and his partner Lousia came down to stay. From the moment they got in we were talking, catching up and laughing and that’s what it is all about and before you know it we had aprons on and we were baking! Lousia is an amazing chef and baker, my brother too and together they are a formidable baking team! But on this day it was Lousia and I who were the team and she taught me how to make short crust pastry from scratch. It was actually relatively simple and putting music on the ipad, putting the apron on, sitting up on the high stools (which makes me feel super cool as I’m super tall on them and normally I’m not being in the chair 24/7 so anytime I can be the ‘tall one’ I’ll take!) With flour and butter on our hands and Lousia chucking some on Martin as he was too ‘clean’ for the photos as we both said! The best bakers are always covered in flour! Happy Days it really was!


We made mince pies and choc chip cookies! Yum! All from scratch and making my own pastry I really did feel proud! Plus it was good fun and that is what is the most important, in the end.

We then had a wonderful evening relaxing, watching Nativity, a tradition every year, THE best Christmas Nativity and film, and songs (sparkle and shine!) and if you haven’t seen it at Christmas, why not? It is just brilliant! Lousia’s first time too so we introduced/persuaded her to it all! I did fall asleep for a few mins during as I was exhausted but woke up for the ending which was the best bit. We then relaxed for the rest of the evening and had a gorgeous meal, cheese related of course, my brother loves ALL the cheese and then played card and board games till late. Simple but perfect.

Christmas Eve we had another great day of games, food, family meal and traditional carol service and ‘Get Santa’ another classic Christmas film to enjoy.


Christmas Day came and I was up early, 8am as was Willow!

There’s so much I could say but to be honest there isn’t much to put but it was just wonderful. It doesn’t need to be big to be amazing, remember I’d only been out of hospital less than a week, just being with family, those you love and those that make us feel relaxed, happy and ourselves is what matters, enjoying life and enjoying the moment you’re in, right here, right now.

I got some lovely presents and my best ones have to be some gorgeous necklaces, a photo frame for Willow and I and a scrapbook Mum had made documenting all my achievements of this year as she knows just how much I struggle with New Year and for me visually seeing things in front of me is the best way to help me remember and banish away those negative thoughts and focus on the positives. Of course Willow had a stocking too and enjoyed all her goodies! The next few days were then spent with my wonderful grandparents and family, more games, food, films, tv, relaxing, more games, walks, laughter but most importance of all, happiness, being happy together.


Spending time with those we love and those who love us – simple. Enjoying right here and right now and looking back and smiling, smiling because I was happy, truly happy and these are memories I’ll treasure, like always.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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