The struggles in the month of January, 2020:

Do you know that January 20th is actually on record as being the most depressing day of the year. It’s not hard to figure out why?

It’s cold, dark, and dreary (and muddy, especially if you own a dog and go dog walking!) Plus, wheelchairs and rain/mud aren’t really the best of friends! We’ve just had the whole hype of Christmas, New Year and then it’s back to work, uni, school, etc and the cold and frosty mornings are out in force! All the letters, bills and admin come bursting through the door, and for us chronically ill its all the GP, hospital, nursing, specialist appointment letters, procedures to make, people to call and doctors to chase! Then it’s all the resolutions you made on December 31 are, well, broken by now or at least struggling with? (that’s why I don’t make specific resolutions.. see my blog on making a different kind of new year resolution – and if people aren’t talking about their resolutions then they’re discussing their wonderful Christmases just gone, the best presents had and then the big news of a new promotion at work, new partner now engaged, marriage, baby announcement and the big achievements ahead for 2020, which of course are all fabulous and wonderful to hear. But as you hear or see them on social media you congratulate them with happiness but underneath the smile and comments of congrats with lots of happy emojis comes alongside a tinge sadness of your own struggles and the invisible battles no one may know you’ve had just this last year or year to come. But whether you shout it from the rooftops or keep it completely to yourself, hearing it is hard and although social media can make it seem like everyone’s life is perfect and that their January is going amazing with all these big and wonderful things going on and then you look at yours and compare? Well that “perfect life” is just not true and I’m here to burst that bubble.

Everyone struggles, everyone has battles and no one’s life is perfect even those whose photos, posts and lifestyle on social media can seem like they are.

Every day can be and is tough, especially when you’re battling 24/7 conditions like we are. But whether you are or not, life is hard and January is a really tough month because of all the above and more.

So how can we get through it?

Well, for one it’s already past half way through January so you’ve already done over two weeks already, well done for that alone as its not easy, it isn’t and we don’t have to act all tough. We don’t have to be happy and smiling all the time and it’s okay to say “today’s a tough one, today I’m struggling” that is what takes strength more than anything and yes I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it as it’s so important and you never know who could end up reading this and just knowing you’re not alone and you’re allowed to reach out, allowed to not be happy all the time and say the words “I’m not ok” could make a big difference to someone. You never know the impact your words can have.

But to get through January I’ll say some similar words I said to myself and everyone reading my other blogs, “be kind to yourself, and not too hard on yourself, treat yourself how you would treat your best friend”.

Be kind to yourself. That means really kind, self care and self love, so, so important especially in the difficult months of January after the Christmas and New Year period. What do I mean by self care and self love? Firstly have you got a self care list? If not, no worries, I have that already thought of in another blog for you, take a read –

So, I hope your January is going and has been going as well as it can and you are being kind to yourself this month. You have come this far so don’t give up now and when you think I cant go anymore, or I’m not good enough, just look back and see just how far you’ve come. Be proud of your achievements, not comparing other people’s. Yours are the ones that matter and the people around you who bring you up, not down. Let’s spread the love, spread the support and spread the kindness, always.

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