My superstar girl and cheerleader, Tonia.

I’ve known Tonia and Victoria for quite a long time now, we first started following each other online in early 2014, (in a supportive not stalkish way just want to clarify!) Then in May 2015 just before Easter we met in person whilst we were both in long hospital stays and on a visit to London for a specialist appointment we managed to make a little detour to see them both, Mum and I, at the Royal London. It felt like we had known each other forever when we met and that was the start of a wonderful friendship!

Fast forward five years later and its January 2020 and since then we have had many sleepovers, days out, film nights in on the sofa, lots of hospital visits back and forth to one another when we’ve both been in and out like yo yo’s and most importantly lots of laughter and having fun, even if it is from the bed or sofa! Within that though we’ve both been quite unwell and there has been lots of struggles. But throughout that we still have the great friendship between us and are still both fighting, defying the odds and our lovely but bless them worrying, on edge and constantly exhausted Mum’s are too, just very grateful they have each other to lean on and turn to as it’s as much their struggle as it is ours and they live it 24/7 too.

Over the years we have both fought through a lot and right now, today specifically Tonia is in Leeds having major surgery (another one, as she’s had many) and she needs all your love and support which I know you give in abundance to us both and we all support each other which I love so much. But for Tonia this is the first of two big surgeries and the second one we are still fundraising for, so if you have anything you could give or even just to share the page it would mean and help so much. Here is the link below:

But although we chat away the night (and day!) We are also constantly trying to show the world we are not just these conditions, chairs, tubes and lines, we are so much more and I can’t wait to see my girl again soon and give her a huge hug whilst planning our next project and adventure!

Till then here is the video of our reunion (one of many) in November 2019 and it really makes me smile. It’s a fun one to watch, let me know if you enjoy it too!

Love you Tonia, keep being your sassy, sexy and stubborn but determined self! This is just a little post to say how much I and everyone loves and you have all the support behind you to get through this next hurdle. We all need a little TLC, pick me up and to be reminded we can do this so this is my post to Tonia, like all my friends its important to reach out, let them know you care, love them and are there. We all need that reminder, is there a friend you could text, call or message this week who you’ve not spoken to in a while or might need a little cheering up or TLC? Give them a call or message. It only takes a few minutes but can make more of a difference than you’ll ever know.

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