Cuteness overload x100.. #willowandruthreunited

So I’m not going to write much here as the video says it all but I will write what I wrote in my Facebook post to go along with the video below. Like the title says it is absolute cuteness overload so do enjoy and if you need cheering up today this will definatly, well hopefully put a happy smile on your face!

The video above. It really is worth watch especially if you’re having a tough day, I promise you.

“There is so much I want to say but I am utterly exhausted and a little overwhelmed after 10 weeks inside one hospital room and a long and hard battle to keep me stable throughout it all.
But.. I AM HOME! I’ve come through the other side and things are far from perfect and in normal circumstances I wouldn’t be home just yet but things got extremely serious at the hospital, I can’t and won’t go into details on here but it was very harrowing and very real to see (and very upsetting) and it was getting to a point of extreme seriousness.
All I want to say is that the staff, the doctors, nurses, HCA’s, surgeons, anaesthetists, cleaners, porters, caterers, physio’s, OT’s and so many more, all of them are doing such an incredible job and going above and beyond all the time and putting their lives on the line for us, every single day.
So please, please stay at home. Whether you are in the 12 week vulnerable group or not (but obviously if you need hospital treatment then don’t get critically ill at home, there is protocols and protection in place to make sure those who need treatment get it and they do and are).
But please just don’t go out because the sun is out and put yourself and others like me at risk, I’ve seen and know what is happening on the front line. So please stay at home.

Thank you so, so much for everyone who’s been here for me the past few months, and will continue to be. Home is wonderful and incredible and I am so blessed and grateful to have the support to be here. I couldn’t be without it and the nurses who are supporting me. But it is still tough too and every day is a battle, a real relentless fight. But we keep moving forward, we keep positive and we keep swimming. We can do this together.
One day at a time everyone.

Ok, that was more than I planned, always a #ruthramble but hope you enjoyed reading it and you enjoy my video. Let me know if it makes you smile too? Love you all <#justkeepswimming #willowandruthreunited”

Enjoy the video and if you do drop your comments below! It’s lovely to share a positive and happy video I think, especially in the time we are in right now. here is the link to the video, on my You Tube Channel! If you aren’t subscribed already then why not? *she smiles.. jokes. If you would like to see more of myself and Willow and our rambles, blogs, vlogs and lots more (when my body behaves and I’m able!) then please feel free to subscribe at your leisure and thank you if you do, we don’t do it for the likes or followers, though that is wonderful to see when you have someone new, but more importantly I do it because I enjoy it and that should always be at the heart of anyone who blogs and or vlogs. It’s a bonus if I get more followers or likes but as long as I enjoy what I’m doing that is what matters and I spread a little happiness with what I do and share and if I can also through all that raise a little awareness of my life, living, chronic and serious illness, a very medical but happy life, mental health and assistance dogs awareness and just generally living life to the full despite adversity, then that’s an even more brilliant bonus.

Anyway, have you clicked the link and watched the video yet? I can guarantee it will make you smile, well fingers and paws crossed it does now! Let me know if you enjoyed it!

Till my next blog, stay positive, stay connected, stay safe everyone.

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