What’s on your grateful list? 15th April 2020

So I’m lying here in the sunshine, well it’s getting a little chilly as I write now, the sun is fading (16:59, 10/04/2020, as with me you never know how long it will actually take to finish a blog) but it’s still out so I’m out and after ten long weeks inside just to be able to feel fresh air and sun on my face is amazing and I cherish every moment of it.

I think that’s one of the many things being chronically ill gives you, the appreciation of the little things, because of your own life being so up and down, so highly vulnerable and so highly unpredictable that you understand more than most and most of your peers your age who aren’t unwell how precious life is and how the simple things like sitting in the sunshine, feeling fresh air on your face, the breeze in your hair, the birds tweeting and singing, the flowers blooming in the garden to the kids playing next door and the lawnmower going in the next house down, to the music playing quietly from my laptop as I write this post little by little. But at the same time just taking moments from writing to stop, lean back and appreciate the beautiful world we live in. Yes I know things are far from perfect in our world right now and everyone is on edge, understandably. But there is also so much to be grateful for as well, there always is, just sometimes we have to look a little closer than we think.

What are you grateful for today?

Have a little think and don’t tell me there isn’t anything because there is, there always is!

I must reiterate though I’m not saying that this blog, or me asking or writing what we are grateful for around us, it doesn’t mean we can’t feel the inside emotions we’re also feeling right now. It doesn’t mean we can’t also feel sad, down, confused, upset, scared, angry, unhappy or worried or any emotion you may be feeling in this moment, not at all. You are entitled to feel what you feel and you should express and let out those feelings, 100%. All I mean is that within that and those emotions it can help to remember just a few things we are grateful for each day, it may seem small and silly at first and I thought that when I first got told it (by my wonderful therapist Hannah, I’ve known her for years now and she’s just fabulous) but now it is a really important part of my routine. I started by writing it down every morning and every night, five things I was grateful for and that worked well for a period of months but then I would forget to do it, get back logged and then get stressed and it would become a chore to do more than something to enjoy and more importantly to help me. So, I made it simple. Three to five things I was grateful for every day, if I had the energy, time and head space to write it down then I would but if I also didn’t that was ok too and I would just say it to myself in my head or out loud whilst doing my make up in the mirror, in the bathroom, emptying my drainage bags, doing dressing and treatments (got to do something to pass the time, some treatments take ages! Got to keep smiling through the storms that keep me stable and afloat). But you see what I’m getting at, you can say those three things you are grateful for at any point in the day, out loud or in your head, with nearly anything you may be doing and written down or not it still counts. You are taking a moment to think about it and that’s what matters. That is what really counts, stopping for just a moment, from the business of our world that we live in and phones that we look at 24/7 and saying to ourselves.

What am I, Ruth Spurr, grateful for today, on this day? Example: 15thApril 2020 – (I am aware, I said the 10th earlier on, which is the day I started writing this blog but now two days later I am continuing it as exhaustion, pain, sickness and nursing visits have took all my energy).

1) Feeling the sun and fresh air on my face after 10 weeks inside hospital, the sunshine is just gorgeous.

2) Having Willow cuddles, with my dog, Willow, stroking her fur and feeling her climb all over me and snuggle up to me, it makes me so happy and feel so loved.

3) Being able to be in the garden and outdoors despite being on lockdown, (I am staying at my parents who are self isolating too whilst caring for me, with the support of nurses coming in as needed) and I am grateful for this as I know not everyone has access to a garden or any outdoor space so for that I am thankful.

4) Having a snuggly bed and duvet, and blankets, they make me feel all warm and cosy and I have somewhere safe and comfortable to sleep.

5) The NHS for saving my life, looking after me the last 10 weeks and getting me home safely to self isolate for another 12 and to add on to that, as I’m sure we all can put on our lists, I am so grateful to all NHS workers (and key workers outside the NHS) doing their normal jobs as they do but in extreme circumstances like these and going above and beyond for all patients, Covid-19 or not and putting their own lives on the line to look after us and our loved ones. I’ve seen it first hand and lived through it for the last month as it’s progressed on the front line and we just should all be so, so grateful, I can’t express enough. Thank you NHS and all key workers. We saw you before and I’m sorry to those who didn’t, they should of, but they didn’t. But they do now, we all do and let’s hope this sets us up for a better future in that sense. But for now, one day at a time.

So those are my five things for today, 15th April 2020. What’s yours? Let me know, drop down a comment below or on the post. Even if it’s just three things, even if it’s.. I’m grateful for, my bed, my dog/my cat/, my yummy dinner, my Netflix account, my favourite tv show is back on, my family, my friends, my lovely hot bubble bath, my favourite warm cosy hoodie etc it doesn’t have to be huge things, it just has to be something you think ‘do you know what, I’m really grateful for that today!’

You can do it, three things. Just three and you don’t have to share them, just have a think to yourself. That in itself is something and for that on it’s own I’m proud of you and so should you be too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, hope you’re all keeping safe and isolating at home, I know it is really tough for us all right now. But we can do it, we’ve come through so much individually so together we can do this, as long as we stick to the guidelines and listen to what we are being told. Together we can beat this.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed! Will be blogging bits throughout the next 12 weeks as well as videos when I can. If you want to request anything for me to write, video, talk about or any general questions you have for me, about my life or Willow or anything in general please just put a comment below or send me a message. We love to hear from you!

Till then, stay positive, stay connected and stay safe everyone.

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