Your lockdown is our life

I was lucky enough to be part of a wonderful video made by one of my amazing friends, Chloe.

There is so much I could say but the video says it all and I will let it do the talking, so please do take a few moments to watch. It is just a small insight into our world and I’m really proud of everyone in it! We are all really proud of how it’s turned out, we just wanted to share our story and I personally think it’s a really powerful film, especially given our current situation with lockdown, isolation and Covid-19. It was an honour to asked to be part of it and Willow and I and everyone in the video are just a few of millions of people out there fighting with daily chronic illness. We are speaking on behalf of everyone out there whose this lockdown is their normal, or very near to their normal.

As the video says “your lockdown is our life”.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch the video and do please share! We can’t do everything that’s true. BUT.. we can all do something and this is something you can do, to raise awareness, share and support many like me where this lockdown is our normal, our life.

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