YOU are a vital part of the jigsaw, do not underestimate your importance

I just wanted to write a little something to say, for anyone isolating right now, and this is especially for those reading this who actually aren’t chronically ill or in the vulnerable groups, if you are don’t worry this is still a good read as always this is about everyone. But especially for those who are staying at home and may at times feel like because they aren’t a key worker or NHS staff that they aren’t important in this equation. Sound familiar at all? It may not but I just want to say something to you and to anyone you know who’s struggling and might appreciate this blog in case it does and especially this next paragraph, please feel free to read and share.

Just by being you, by listening and by staying at home.

You ARE doing something. You ARE making a difference. You ARE being useful and by staying at home, taking precautions when being out and protecting yourself, you are then protecting vulnerable people like ME. So thank you, thank you. You may not feel useful or feel a hero as you’re not on the frontline working but those that are staying at home or when out practising proper social distancing, wearing masks, protecting others in case they themselves are symptomatic. All of you doing that and doing the right thing, to me you are all heroes, you are all doing your bit, you may think well I’m just one person but you’re not just one person you are one of many and it’s about us all working together to shut down the spread of this virus and keeping EVERYONE safe. But especially those who are extra vulnerable and in the high risk categories. I’m one of those. Me and I’m not a cateogry or a number. I’m someone’s daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, best friend and more and I’m still alive and safe because of people like you doing their bit.

So, always remember, when you feel like you’re not helping or not making a difference, you are, you are keeping me safe and alive and that’s down to you doing your bit and without every piece the jigsaw won’t come together so your bit is just as crucial as anyone else’s. Never forget or underestimate your importance and your worth, never.

Stay home, stay safe, stay connected and be kind, always.

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