My Fellow Friends

I’m not the only person fighting a constant battle. My EDS and other secondary conditions are not the only chronic illnesses out there; there are so many and they affect so many people in lots of different ways. Every day there is research going on within different organisations, medical research and profile raising.

Although we may have different conditions, some may be life limiting, some life threatening and some life debilitating, we are all going through a constant battle. Some of us may not see our 25th birthday, and some of us may still be celebrating at our 95th birthday. But it’s not about that, it’s about focussing on the here and now, supporting each other and as someone every day gets diagnosed with a chronic illness, we need to be there for them as so many people were there for us.

These other websites and blogs belong to my friends and other members of the ever growing chronic illness community. There are so many blogs and sites that I couldn’t possibly list them all here, so sorry if I’ve missed you out! Please message me if your site isn’t on here and I’ll make sure it gets added!

These are not only people suffering with chronic illness but charities and organisations set up to help too. These are very often started by young people or people who have face chronic illness themselves.

Together we can raise the profile of chronic illness and we are NOT defined by our illnesses, we are defined by the lives we lead.