Mast Cell Activation Disorder

Mast Cell Activation Disorder is a rare condition which affects cells called mast cells. Mast cells normally help protect you from disease and aid in healing of wounds by releasing chemicals such as histamine. However in some cases the release of those chemicals can happen for no real reason even when there is no attack and even when there is an attack the release is out of proportion for what it should be and then too many chemicals are spilled out into the system. This in effect can cause multiple allergic reactions from anything to everything.

For me, one day I was able to use a certain moisturiser on my skin that I had been using for months. One day I put it on and within minutes my face turned red and swelled up. I couldn’t breathe properly and my body massively over reacted to the allergic reaction.

The urethral catheters I had been using were 100% silicone based. Due to bladder failure I had permanent urethral indwelling catheters. I had been using them for a year and one day I had an angioedema reaction in the area causing massive swelling, redness and peeling skin. My body had decided to reject the catheter inside me which had been there for 2 months and was the same type of catheter as the previous 10 months to that.

The reactions are not just typical allergic reactions like hay fever or anaphylaxis, they can range from redness and swelling to to seizures and arrests, and again can affect multiple systems.